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        The importance of the construction of weak electrical wiring in smart home.
        Release time:2017-05-15 丨 Read the number:407

        Compared with the strong power, you may have less knowledge of weak electricity. However, with the development of smart home, as the concealed work of home decoration, it is also the connection nerve of smart home, and the construction of weak electric wiring is very important.

        1. The purpose of family weak wiring is to share the resources such as Internet, telephone and cable TV, and the best main rooms have all three kinds of interfaces.

        Network, telephone, cable TV home frequency division, which is generally a sovereigns into (more have more expensive), if it is two rooms one hall can generally be in sitting room, advocate lie, second lie to keep the network interface, phone, TV, restaurant for TV interface, toilet leave telephone interface. If the room is more, you can reserve it. You can also run the line out first and put it in a weak current distribution box. You can change the plug to each room when you need it. The audio and video are different, although they can be Shared in frequency, but at home, they can only provide a signal for one terminal at the same time. I don't think it is necessary to leave the interface in every room.

        2. In order to meet the requirement of sharing and intercommunicating, the weak electric wiring must be used in frequency division or switching equipment.

        Network of internal and external network switching equipment is a router (LAN) or a modem (ADSL) is the cat, the price is about 300 yuan, network switching equipment is switch or hub, with a switch, the price is less than 200 yuan, a hub now you can buy a 80-90. There are routers with their own switches and cats with their own routers and switches. The price is 300 to 500 yuan, which is recommended. The telephone exchange frequency division equipment is the switch or the branch box, is also the switch is good, the price is 100-200 yuan, the distribution box is very cheap, but each room cannot interconnect, also can not carry 3 more than the telephone; The frequency division device of TV is frequency division (branch), everybody should be clear.

        3. Star wiring shall be adopted for the weak current line, which will radiate from the exchange and frequency division equipment to each port.

        It is easy to construct from the wiring construction, it is convenient to consider, and the best equipment is put in the same place. At present, the door of the new house is usually equipped with a weak current distribution box, which is reserved in the distribution box. Some are not reserved joints, but the line is in a box and then leads to a room. It doesn't matter. IN the case, the line is truncated, and the input end of the door is connected to the IN socket of the crossover device, and the other end is connected to the OUT socket. We can transform the weak current distribution box itself, install the exchange and frequency division equipment, pay attention to the majority of the equipment to use electricity, should be in the weak power distribution box to leave the power socket. On the market now can't sell the basic function of low voltage power distribution box, mainly network, although one and out of the interface, but only a distribution frame, unable to implement internal communication and multiple computers to the Internet, at the same time also more expensive, DIY a as oneself. Individual house does not have weak electricity distribution box wiring is more troublesome, want to put all kinds of equipment separately next to the household register; Or you can bring the house line together.

        4. There are direct telephone dialing on the Internet; ISDN is also called the first line; ADSL is also called super line; LAN is the Internet connection; And the line of sight and power line.

        The first two are out of date and need not be considered; The latter two also not just individual place has, ADSL and LAN is the mainstream, theory of ADSL transmission speed for the next 8 m/s, LAN can reach 100 m/SEC, but telecom opened 512 k - 2 m bandwidth only commonly, also by lines in actual use, use the number and the telecom exit width limit generally reach the maximum, ADSL and LAN is using which may not be fast, but the Internet cable should be the development direction, is preferable if possible.

        5. Want to a different room at the same time on the Internet, there are two options: one is with a built-in switches, routers, or cat, 2 it is to make up in one of the computer simulation software, the use of computers in the proxy server, the price is that if the other computers on the Internet, the proxy server must be running.

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