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        How to detect the monitoring pickup failure?
        Release time:2017-05-15 丨 Read the number:348

        The pickup, also called the monitor head. The listening pickup is a device used to collect the sound of the scene and then transmit it to the back end device. It is composed of microphone and audio reduction circuits.

        One. Eliminate the front end.

        The most indirect way to test whether a pickup can perform is through a process front-end test. Before pick-up device before, please pick-up can indirectly be connected to the power source (refer to the pick-up is the best application of regulated dc 12 v power supply, suchas anti-democracy application in PW - V10 public power adapter) and the headset to stop testing. It is important to note two points in the front-end test.

        1. Avoid switching power supply.

        2: not to use the speaker test (able to use earphones).

        2. Elimination of transmission end.

        With the front-end test pickup without performance, we can see if we can show results in the transmission process. As usual. If the cable is transmitted, we are the guarantee users to apply the PVRX0.5 barrier cable. The monitoring of the differences may show a variety of achievements in the transmission process. The application of the guarantee cable can avoid the trouble of new cable. Detailed test the following: will be used to connect the audio line of pick-up in the back-end without any access to the rest of the storage devices indirectly connected to the headset may sound box (refer to the means less access and power amplifier) stop. The transport process must be aware of several points.

        1: if your transmission interval is too long, please apply PVVRX0.5 barrier audio line.

        2: can you use a wire slot in the process of walking along with the power (ordinary electrical wiring)?

        3: can there be a signal light source (more than a radio station, mobile signal station, etc.)

        4. Whether the audio input terminal on the device is the linein input when the link collects the camera. The pickup can only be connected to linein< linear input > interface)

        Three. Eliminate the back end.

        We can test whether there is a performance in the back end if there is no performance at the front end and in the transmission process. The back-end input/storage of important devices comes in three forms.

        1: hard disk player (DVR/NVR), as well as in terms of common hard disk player is able to present, a few grades including ports unstable connection, input impedance mismatch, system Settings (some devices with two kinds of audio input form, must apply linein < enter > linear form, the vast majority of pickup is linear input) on the market

        2: input of the speaker, input the necessary attention from the sound box, and the sound box is not too close to the interval pickup, and it is not suitable for the application of power input.

        3. Access to the server (computer host) must pay attention to input port to choose linein input, system setting and other achievements.

        By applying the elimination method before, during and after the process, trust can help you handle most of the performance of the pickup.


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