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        Key points for monitoring installation of villa video.
        Release time:2017-05-15 丨 Read the number:392

        Low-cost, high-efficiency home monitoring equipment recommendations are based on small family applications, focusing on factors such as deployment monitoring and operational recommendations. , of course, such a system can neither for bank used in such places, more cannot be used for larger enterprise environment, for home users, however, is a moderate budget, easy to operate, so you can easily realize the home monitoring system.

        1. Use IP camera.

        Now ordinary IP camera price ranging from several hundred to several thousand, and analog video cameras of this price is relatively small, and the total cost of the IP camera and use complexity are far lower than analog cameras. For IP cameras, video records and playback software are provided free of charge, and you can use your PC for 24-hour monitoring. The network cable or WIFI needed for the IP camera to transmit the digital video signal can be bought from any computer equipment supplier. In contrast, analog cameras usually require you to customize the transmission lines.

        2. Use a gun and a square camera.

        Currently, the lowest cost in the market is the two cameras, which have the disadvantage of not being able to change the focus of the focus, and usually have no intelligent function. This type of camera is not normally used in professional applications, but it is certainly best for home applications.

        Family video monitoring system deployment.

        3. Use digital camera to provide remote access management.

        It is strongly recommended that home users avoid deployment of remote monitoring systems. In short, it takes time, and it's hard to make the system work properly, and the probability of a system problem is very high. This kind of monitoring system is still in development, the technology is not mature, it is not recommended for the family users to consider the use.


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