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        Installation tips for household burglar alarm.
        Release time:2017-05-15 丨 Read the number:371

        Nowadays, burglar alarm has been a lot of families to accept and use, but the device looks simple but hard to field or have a certain skill, below give you a brief introduction of home burglar alarm installation techniques.

        Location of the installation site.

        The correct installation position of burglar alarm will affect the actual effect of burglar alarm. The burglar alarm is installed in the wrong place, not only to the alarm effect, but also very hard to have a function. So the installation location is the first, installing a burglar alarm, the host must be installed in the power cord, telephone lines, so that we can convenient host of power supply and transmission alert information, avoid unnecessary pull wiring. The burglar alarm belongs to the electronic product of high frequency emission, it is easy to be interfered by the magnetic field of everybody, so it is better to keep away from everyone when installing.

        Ii. Selection of burglar alarm equipment.

        The burglar alarm system is installed in the home, and the host selection of the burglar alarm is the most important. Some customers will choose the famous brand and the host with quality guarantee. Of course, this is ok, but considering the cost and cost, we can not only choose the famous brand, because it is not cost-effective. But when it comes to the importance of the host, people always ignore the same important thing, which is the pipeline. In many cases, in order to save cost, customers are always "sloppy" and not attached much importance to the pipeline, which will bury deeper security risks. Many highly skilled thieves would choose to destroy the pipeline to achieve the purpose of preventing the burglar alarm.

        3. Installation concealment.

        The main purpose of installing a burglar alarm is to prevent theft. So-called enemy in Ming I in the dark, many thieves commit crime are carried out on the job site for a long period of time before detection, so the burglar alarm must be installed in more secluded place, prevent to the thief. A lot of times, a lot of users buy the alarm to install directly in a more prominent place, meaning to frighten the thieves, to achieve the effect of not fighting the soldiers. But the truth is, on the contrary, now a lot of professional thieves have and understanding of security equipment is beyond our imagination, and take the initiative to give the somebody else see the alarm light, is the key to open the door to each other, skilled thief can easily crack burglar alarm. Therefore, we should pay attention to the use of the anti-theft alarm equipment in the dark way, not to leave the perpetrators to destroy the target and create the anti-alarm conditions.

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