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        The importance of the construc Compared with the strong power, you may have less knowledge of weak electricity. However, with the development of smart home, as the concealed work of home decoration, it is also the connection nerve of smart home, and the construction of weak electric wi
        Video monitors the four stages The research process of intelligent monitoring image content analysis can be divided into four stages. One is to separate the target from the image. Objective classification of single target in simple and simple background environment; The second is the a
        Selection of camera shield. In order to ensure the reliability of camera and lens work, and extend its service life, the camera must be equipped with the outer cover of various special protective measures, which is called a protective cover. In addition, the protective cover can als
        How to detect the monitoring p The pickup, also called the monitor head. The listening pickup is a device used to collect the sound of the scene and then transmit it to the back end device. It is composed of microphone and audio reduction circuits. One of the most indirect ways to elim
        Key points for monitoring inst Low-cost, high-efficiency home monitoring equipment recommendations are based on small family applications, focusing on factors such as deployment monitoring and operational recommendations. , of course, such a system can neither for bank used in such pla
        Installation tips for househol Nowadays, burglar alarm has been a lot of families to accept and use, but the device looks simple but hard to field or have a certain skill, below give you a brief introduction of home burglar alarm installation techniques. 1. The correct installation loc
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        Dongguan city ze hui machinery equipment co., LTD., mainly research and development of CNC sponge equipment, main products: CNC shaped sponge cutting machine (CNC), automatic foaming machine sponge, PU automatic mould frame, fully automatic computer hydraulic cutting machine and a variety of automated assembly line, at the same time according to customer demand production of ordinary sponge cutting machine, recycle machinery and all kinds of non-standard machinery, etc.

        The company has over ten years of experience in research and development, production automation equipment and professional staff, have motivation and ability, enterprising and innovation efforts to open up the automation equipment of a new journey!

        With good reputation and positive enterprising spirit and strong r&d strength, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, ze hui company is fully capable and full of confidence to meet the challenge, unremitting efforts, improve their own quality, adhere to customer needs and provide more advanced, more perfect mechanical equipment. In the human cost is increasing day by day under the premise of providing customers with more advanced higher degree of automation equipment and technology, increase customer enterprise's competitiveness, provide a good foundation for the transformation and upgrading in advance! Convinced that there are many customers, industry friends and all sectors of the community's concern and support, based on the integrity of the world's zhui machinery equipment co., LTD will develop faster and better.


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